1120 – Quy “Charlie” Ton – another reason why we fought in Vietnam


Quy “Charlie” Ton, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

Quy “Charlie” Ton

Episode 1120 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will focus on two excellent representatives of the reasons why we were fighting in Vietnam. They are two Vietnamese “boat people” who came to this country legally and proved their worth. Both these individuals were recently featured in media stories. One was an article in the nailsmag.com website titled: Ton, Quy “Charlie” and the other was in the Miami Herald titled: She started painting nails in a salon. Now this Vietnam War refugee has a franchise by Oscar Corral.

Before these two former Vietnamese escapees from the communist garden Eden of Vietnam are mentioned it is important to mark the 50th Anniversary of the start of the Tet Offensive fifty years ago on this date February 1, 1968. Rarely in history have the Americans and their allies, the South Vietnamese and others administered such a defeat on an adversary in war and then immediately had it declared a huge defeat by the American news media.

On that day 100,000 NVA and VC fighters came out of their rat holes and attacked all the major cities and military installations across the country. Within three days except for the city of Hue (which took about three weeks), they were beaten back and defeated. The enemy gained no territory and paid a price of 58,000 dead.

The results of the Tet Offensive eventually led to the communists taking over South Vietnam and the creation of conditions that drove hundreds of thousands to flee their once beautiful homeland.

Fortunately for America and the refugees many made it to our shores. Once here those wretched émigrés demonstrated to all why we were fighting in Vietnam they were a wonderful and worth the effort to help that country avoid the nightmare of communism.

Listen to episode 1120 of the podcast and discover more about these two great new Americans.

Mary Chau, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

Mary Chau grew up as a war refugee in Vietnam. She now owns her own growing nail salon franchise. Explica Media Courtesy

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