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Episode 1121 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will feature news about the Vietnam Veterans for Factual History website and the tremendous work it is doing to help set the record straight about the Vietnam War. The website was setup by a group of Vietnam Veterans who are very conscious of the War’s history. The group members are very concerned that the 1978 prediction of Guenter Lewy has proven to be all too accurate. 35 years ago he wrote “Mythology, half-truth and falsehood concerning events in Vietnam abound and, unless corrected, will enter the textbooks for the mis-education of our children.”

They believe that much of the writings about the war has been filled with opinions presented as facts, inaccuracies, exaggerations, and too often bald face lies. The group members believe students of the War are being wrongly influenced by the early and still prevalent writings in academia, originally by professors who had been part of the antiwar movement and now by a newer generation trained by those predecessors.

The issue that brought the situation to a head with the group of veterans were conferences of late being dominated by those with clear antiwar biases. The Vietnam Veterans for Factual History website was created for the express purpose of setting the record straight and the War and the events leading up to it and its aftermath.

Those who don’t know history are cursed to repeat it is a commonly expressed truism but what makes that allegation even more ominous is if we learn incorrect history the curse of repetition is only multiplied many times over.

All Vietnam Veterans are encouraged to review the website and be prepared to make corrections to the War’s history if you see the need.

CLICK HERE for the Vietnam Veterans for Factual History website.

Listen to episode 1121 of the podcast and get the whole story about the Vietnam Veterans for Factual History website.


1121 – Vietnam Veterans for Factual History — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you so much for featuring this group. We discovered them earlier on during the beginning of the projects we created in our town of Barnegat, NJ, for Vietnam veterans last year, and wholeheartedly agree with you on how extremely useful the information they’ve presented has been.

    I was a Vietnamese refugee when I came to the US in 1975 after the end of the war, and have only recently tapped into a level of awareness and, consequently, deep appreciation for everything they’ve done to help me, my family, and all other Vietnamese people who did not want a Communist way of life. As such, I was welcomed into this group very recently, and am learning so much each and every day.

    Thank you for spreading the word about this amazing group of people, thank you for your service, thank you for sharing your thoughts on many things via your podcasts, and welcome home!

    • You are very welcome and thank you
      for your kind comments.

      People like you give me the encouragement
      to keep this podcast going full speed.

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