1123 – Claim – America was England’s Vietnam


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King George III, king of England during the American Revolutionary War.

Episode 1123 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will feature a story by Charles F. Bryan Jr. in which he points out ghostly comparisons between the American Revolution and the Vietnam War. His story appeared in The Richmond Times-Dispatch and was titled: America was Great Britain’s Vietnam. Bryan is president emeritus of the Virginia Historical Society.  

George Santayana, the Spanish philosopher, essayist, poet and novelist coined the sobering admonition: “Those Who Do Not Learn History Are Doomed To Repeat It.” Sometimes one wonders if the leaders of our country (Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon) who have blood stained hands from the Vietnam War ever carefully studied our history with special emphasis on the American Revolution.

In his article, Bryan points out so many eerie similarities between the 18th and 20th century wars one is left with the conclusion – how could they have missed all the hard lessons learned and demonstrated by King George III? There is a memorial wall in Washington D.C. today with 58,315 names of Americans killed in the Vietnam War etched on its black marble surface.

Those names are there in large part due to our presidents overlooking the lessons of the American Revolution. It is critical to note that as we move forward into the 21st century America faces many challenges in this fallen world we live in today and it is so critical that those serving at the helm of this great nation are more than aware of the fine nuances of our historical lessons. It is critical for the well being of our country that our leaders have sufficient wisdom to apply the lessons of the past as we move forward into the brave new world before us.

 Don’t miss listening to episode 1123 of the podcast and discover the full story by Bryan where he lists all the hauntingly similar features of the American Revolution and the Vietnam War.

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