117 VVN – Australian Vietnam Vet Stan Whitford Finds Healing

Stan Whitford, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

Stan Whitford lays a wreath at the Ararat War Memorial.

This episode will feature a story about a brave Australian Vietnam Veteran Stan Whitford.

Australian Vietnam Veteran Stan Whitford recently spoke at the Vietnam Veterans’ Remembrance Day in Ararat which is a town near Melbourne, Australia. He told the story of his Vietnam experiences and the impact it has had on his life after his military service.

In the interview he made these statements:

“Not many of us can do very much to alleviate the pain which some of our veterans feel to this day.

“All we can do is honor the memory of those who paid with their lives and support those who suffer with their health and peace of mind.”

“But to thank someone with just words, for having sacrificed their lives, hardly seems sufficient, does it? Few things cause us to question the meaning and value of life more than the prospect of death itself. Every death defying veteran would testify to that.”

Whitford also stated one of the most helpful things for him was to revisit Vietnam which he has done several times.

His story comes from the Ararafat Advertiser in Ararafat, Australia.

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