119 VVN – Melvin Page, Vietnam Vet Gets Diploma 40 Years Later

Melvin Page, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

: Melvin Page earns his diploma more than 40 years after he should have walked at graduation.

In this episode we are recognizing another Vietnam Veteran, Melvin Page, who had done something noteworthy. He has earned his high school diploma after a forty year delay. Melvin is a retired letter carrier in Roane County, Tennessee. His story was on the website: wbir.com. It was written by Aaron Wright who provided a little insight about this Vietnam Veteran who stepped forward when his country called and served admirably in a war that afforded him little recognition and respect. He was seriously wounded in battle and then battled Agent Orange illnesses in later years yet today he can outrun those half his age.

Melvin took advantage of a new program in Tennessee to help veterans of previous wars including Vietnam take advantage of the educational opportunities available to them. He encourages all veterans to get the education they may have missed as a result of their military service. The link below will tell you more about the program.



119 VVN – Melvin Page, Vietnam Vet Gets Diploma 40 Years Later — 1 Comment

  1. My name is Ray (Butch) Williams I grew up a as a child living beside Melvin in Kingston TN . There is no man on this earth I care more about. This man taught me so much about life. He played with us as kids like all fathers do with there children. At that time Melvin’s kids were baby’s. Melvin became my icon I looked up to this man in so many ways. He was the neighborhood football QB at 200+ lbs. He seemed to be hard on me at times but I always tried to out do all the other neighbor kids to get his acknolagement because again, this man was my child hood hero. Melvin taught me the love for the outdoors too. Many mornings we would travel to his fishing spots he found. We also small game hunted around our home in Kingston. My first deer hunting adventure was with Melvin. I remember looking in Melvin’s barn seeing all his military items. I would ask him questions about the war but he would never elaborate much into that subject.I was always so eager to hear all about his war stories because I remember how bad Melvin was injured. I never learned until now of the true hero I cared for so much for as a kid. I will always remember this man. I want to express a big thank you to him for all he taught me as a child. I now want to thank him for his military service too.

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