120 VVN – Melvin Page – Vietnam Vet Extraordinaire – Interview Part I

Melvin Page at Camp Zama, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

Melvin Page shown here at the military hospital at Camp Zama, Japan in October, 1968 after his rehabilitation from wounds he received in Vietnam. Three days after this photo was taken he had his infamous encounter with anti-war protesters at the San Francisco air port which resulted in his arrest by MP’s.

In the previous episode (#119) I shared the story of Melvin Page, a Vietnam Veteran who was able to get his high school diploma almost 50 years after he was drafted out of high school and sent straight to Vietnam.

I did a little more checking on Mr. Page and was treated to one of the most fantastic stories ever to come out of the Vietnam War, Fortunately I was able to secure an interview with Melvin and was overwhelmed with the power of his dramatic story of how he survived numerous encounters with death.

His story was too big for one episode so his interview was divided into two parts. In this episode he tells how he was drafted off the farm in East Tennessee and sent to Vietnam where he was assigned to C Company, 1st Battalion, 27th Infantry(Wolfhounds) of the “Tropic Lightning” 25th Infantry Division. He talks about his unit and the jobs he was assigned. He tells about his surprise when his stern drill instructor from basic training was assigned to his platoon and how their relationship developed from one of dislike to a strong lifelong friendship.

This episode will set you up for the following one where he will finish the most fantastic story you have probably ever heard.


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