138 VVN – Vietnam Vet Jessie Lee Tell His Story

155mm Artillery in Vietnam, Mack Payne, Jessie Lee, Vietnam Veteran News

155 mm Artillery in Vietnam.

Jessie Lee of Quincy, Florida was a Vietnam Veteran who spent his entire tour in country literally out on the firing line mostly with 2/11 Field Artillery(155mm Towed). In this episode he tells about his life out in the field as a member of the 101st Airborne Division as an artilleryman providing support for the infantry.

He describes everything from how he had to outrun falling mortar shells to the food out at the firebases. Jessie’s story gives a close-up view life in the trenches. He did not have the luxury of spending half his tour back in the rear area as many did. He was in the field from day one to his last days except for a short spell in the 85th Evac Hospital back at Phu Bai due to a hand injury.

Sit back and enjoy Jessie’s story as he presents real live history.

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