139 VVN – Vietnam Veterans Getting Their Due

President Obama Awarding CMH To Bernie G. Adkins, Vietnam Veteran News, Mack Payne

President Obama awarding CMOH to CSM Bernie G. Adkins

There was an article in the Daily News of Bowling Green, Kentucky titled: Vietnam Veterans Finally Get Their Due. It told about two Vietnam Veterans receiving the Congressional Medal of Honor. One was Cmd Sgt. Maj. Bernie G. Adkins and the other was Army Spec. Donald P. Sloat. Sloat was awarded his medal posthumously.

The theme of the article is after all these years that have passed since the war ended in 1973 the nation is belatedly coming around to recognizing the tremendous job all those brave Americans accomplished in that misguided effort to do something good for the world. That effort was to stop the spread of Communism which was and still is a hideous scourge of humanity.

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