141 VVN – President Obama and the Latte Salute


President Obama Latte Salute, Vietnam Veteran News

President Obama saluting his Marine escort as he exited the presidential helicopter in New York.

Recently President Obama was captured on video exiting the presidential helicopter while saluting the Marine escort with a Styrofoam cup in his right hand. Depending on your politics and your opinion of the man that sight will elicit differing reactions.

Most Military personnel including a good many Vietnam Veterans did not react kindly to the CIC’s method of rendering a salute. It is one of those acts that is on its face value a small thing but in the larger scheme of things a gigantic insult to the nation and its brave veterans.

Of course with this man, such actions are not surprising considering his attitude that this country is not exceptional and needs to be changed into what he considers it should be. That is frightening considering his opinions were formed as he was raised by left leaning parents and influenced by their views and by those of a host of like thinking mentors.

The most important we all can do now is get down on our knees and pray to God for forgiveness and that he will save this country.

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