161 VVN – John Bury Reports on Agent Orange Fight



John Bury, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

John Bury, Veterans Activist of Media, Pennsylvania

John Bury is still fighting the fight for Agent Orange equity for all Vietnam Veterans who have been denied medical aid for the many illnesses caused by that silent killer.

The number of Vietnam Veterans who have been affected by Agent Orange surpasses one million. To this day many Veterans are not receiving treatment for those AO diseases.

There is a bill in the House of Representatives that can help those Veterans. It currently has over 250 cosponsors in the House yet it languished in a committee headed by Representative Jeff Miller of Florida. It is imperative to get the bill on the House floor no later than December 31, 2014 otherwise it will die.

You are urged to contact your Congressional Representative and insist they support HR-543 which is the bill that will help Agent Orange sufferers. In addition to your own Representative, please contact Jeff Miller and ask him to take HR-543 out of committee and put it on the House Floor for consideration. Click here for his office information.



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