163 VVN – Mike Mullins Interview

Mack Payne, Mike Mullins, Vietnam Veteran News

Michael D.”Moon” Mullins, award winning author of “Vietnam in Verse, poetry for beer drinkers,” served in with D Company, 3/7th Inf., 199 Light Infantry Brigade.

Mike Mullins is a Vietnam Vet who served with D Company, 3/7th Ind. 199 Light Infantry Brigade. He is also an award winning writer of four books about his experiences in Vietnam. He has written books to let people know what the Vietnam War looked like through the eyes of a young man drafted into the Army from his small town home in Indiana.

In this episode Mike tells his story of service to his country in Vietnam and as a bed rock citizen of his home State of Indiana. If you are looking for a vivid firsthand account of a true American hero’s perspective read his books.

His books are available at Amazon.com or his website.

Click here for Mike’s website.



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