186 VVA – Interview With John Bullock a Mountain of Inspiration

John Bullock

John Bullock – Vietnam Veteran and successful businessman.

In this episode you will hear the story of a brave Vietnam Veteran, John Bullock. He will tell how he worked hard for his education and then made the most of his hitch in the US Army by obtaining three highly regarded MOS’s in the medical field.

His training and qualifications were so valuable to the Army he was sent to Vietnam with only 8 months remaining on his term of service. He describes how he was shipped to Vietnam with the 29th Evac Hospital in an old troop ship and upon arrival the unit had to disembark the ship World War II style over the side on troop nets.

After his time with Uncle Sam he completed a highly successful thirty year career with General Motors. For the past nine years he and his wife have operated a popular gym in Austintown, Ohio. See his website: http://fitfamily1.com.

You are going to enjoy his inspiring story.

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