191 VVN – Operation Lam Son 719, Part 4

Cobra Gunships over Laos

A section of AH-1G Cobras over Laos during Lam Son 719. Note – they are not 101st Abn Div gunships. They are from down south on TDY to Khe Sanh for Operation Lam Son 719.

In this episode we will take a difficult look at what happened to the South Vietnamese forces when they ventured into Laos to disrupt NVA logistical supplies. The North Vietnamese were a little slow to react but when they did it was “Katy bar the doors.” The Southern forces were beaten badly.

It is the opinion of this writer the big difference in the conflict was leadership. The North had very capable leaders with a maniacal determination to succeed and no reluctance to spill the blood of their fighters where the Southern forces had weak leadership more worried about politics than fighting battles.

In the next episode we will look at the retreat of the Southern forces and maybe the aftermath. Don’t miss it.

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