203 VVN – Ernest Brace, Civilian POW in Vietnam Passes Away

Ernest Brace Released

Adm. Noel Gayler, right, greeted Ernest Brace in March 1973 on his release as a prisoner of war

In this episode we acknowledge the passing of Ernest Brace. He has the distinction of being the longest held civilian POW in the Vietnam War. He was held by the North Vietnamese for almost eight years. Another claim to fame by Mr. Brace is that for several years he was in the cell next to Navy flier John McCain who later became a US Senator from the state of Arizona.

Brace was a Marine pilot in the Korean War where he earned a Distinguished Flying Cross. He had a checkered past and was flying for a CIA contractor in Laos when he was captured by Laotian Communist rebels who turned him over to the North Vietnamese. This episode gives more details of Mr. Brace’s story.

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