206 VVN – Faces of the Wall Project Gains Momentum


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The Education Center will place soldiers’ Vietnam service within the historical continuum of all those who have served in American conflicts.
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This episode is a follow up to episode #201 and gives more information about the Face of the Wall Project that is attempting to obtain a picture of all the Vietnam Veterans whose names appear on the Wall Memorial.

In this episode Jim and Tom Reece of Wilmington, North Carolina describe how they got involved in the project after they wanted to know more about one of their classmates who was killed in Vietnam. They have gone on to find hundreds of photos.

Janna Hoehn is also mentioned in the episode as she describes how she got involved in the Project and is now actively seeking photos.

Everyone is encouraged to assist in the effort to locate pictures of all the 53,000 veterans whose name is on the wall.

Here is a direct link to the Wall of Faces website:   CLICK HERE

If you have pictures to submit or have questions about the program from someone who is actively working on the project, contact Janna Hoehn by email at>>> neverforgotten2014@gmail.com

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