218 VVN – Lam Son 719 – The Forgotten Invasion


Invasion of Laos, 1971: Lam Son 719, Vietnam Veteran News, Mack PayneIn this episode I am going to share a story from the Ciscero Magazine by Joseph Hammond. He is reviewing a book written by retired Army aviator Robert Sander titled: Invasion of Laos, 1971: Lam Son 719.

Lam Son 719 has been addressed in previous episodes but I like to revisit the subject primarily because I participated in that history making event that no seems to know about. Lam Son 719 typified the mess that can be created when you add politics, diplomacy and incompetency to fighting a war.

Robert Sander adds his two cents worth in his well written book about the affair. He had access to recently released, previously unavailable state department documents covering that time period. You are encouraged to get a copy of Sander’s new book and learn more about Lam Son 719.

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