230 VVN – Bob Hope’s Vietnam Christmas Tours

Bob Hope Vietnam Christmas Tours, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

Bob Hope was always the star and began each show by strutting on stage with his golf club, firing off jokes tailored to each base. And he always brought the outstanding glamour star from back home. On the 1967 tour, actress Raquel Welch joined Hope on stage to add a few crowd-pleasing dance moves to Bob’s rendition of “Dancin in the Streets.” (All photos: National Archives)

Bob Hope was a great American. In this episode a story about his Vietnam Christmas Tours will be shared. The story is by Judith Johnson from the historynet.com website. The story tells how Bob Hope organized his first Vietnam Christmas Tour in 1964.

Those Christmas tours brought happiness and a few entertaining moments to thousands of service personnel in Vietnam. This episode shows a little of the back office view of the tours.

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