231 VVN – Bob Hope’s 1965 Vietnam Christmas Tour

Joey Heatherton, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

Joey Heatherton dances the “Watusi” with a serviceman aboard USS Roosevelt during the 1965 tour.

In this episode we will continue the story of Bob Hope’s Vietnam Christmas Tours. The 1965 tour will be looked at in this episode. In that year troop levels increased eight-fold, to 180,000 from the time of his previous in 1964. With the increase in troops in the country, the audiences for his show grew accordingly, some were as large as 12,000.

The Bob Hope troupe encountered numerous difficulties during the 1965 tour but the show always went on to the delight of many lonely service personnel. These podcast episodes are in tribute to Bob Hope and his entertainers who braved difficult conditions to bring a little happiness to the troops of Vietnam.

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