234 VVN – Mike Murphy – a Good Friend of Vietnam Vets

Mike Murphy and His Car Dealerships, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News
Mike Murphy and His Car Dealerships.

A while back I was driving up I-95 headed to a speaking gig in Charleston, South Carolina and was listening to the car radio as I passed through Georgia. I just happened to hear an advertisement for a car dealership in Brunswick. After all the usual information for the car dealership was presented the ad ended with something that caught my attention.

The car dealer in the ad stated that any Vietnam Veteran who bought a new car would receive free service for the car. I was so impressed with that act of kindness for Vietnam Veterans I had to speak to that car dealer.

In this episode you will hear Mike Murphy, the car dealer, himself tell his story about his motivation for putting his money where his mouth is and offering Vietnam Veterans a special free service.

It is such a tremendous thing to do for Vietnam Veterans I am urging all of them in the East Georgia area to contact one of Mike’s dealerships and buy a new car or at least thank him. Even if you are not in the area call him and he may just make you a deal you can’t beat at any other dealership. Now sit back and enjoy Mike’s story.

Here are his two dealerships and their locations:

Mike Murphy Ford of Darien



Located off exit 49 & I-95 in Darien GA.

13452 Ga Highway 251 Darien, GA 31305

Sales: (866) 483-8551

Service: (888) 708-8685

Parts: (888) 815-8426


Mike Murphy Kia of Brunswick



6150 Altama Avenue
Brunswick, GA 31525
Sales: (888) 364-2062

Service: (866) 702-9077

Parts: (866) 842-4154

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