256 VVN – Former Marine Sniper Steve Suttles Interview

Steve Suttles- Former Marine Sniper, mack payne, vietnam veteran news

Steve Suttles, Former Sniper with the 5th Marines in Vietnam

In this episode you will hear the enlightening story of a USMC Sniper who served in Vietnam. Steve Suttles tells the real story of a sniper in Vietnam. It begins with how he became a sniper as a brand new Marine to how he is handling today the mental baggage he brought home from Vietnam.

Steve was a sniper with the 5th Marines. He is quite proud of his service to his country and fellow Marines. He appreciates all the Marines he served with in Vietnam but would like to mention several who were very special to him including his platoon sergeant Mark Limpic and teammates Chuck Mahwinney, Louie Mackie, Bill Read and Jack Philbrook to name a few.

Today Steve is using his talents as a skilled marksman to train others in the art of shooting at the Badlands Tactical Training Facility. The school is owned by Bobby Whittington and it is located at 912 West Field Street, Grandfield, OK 73546. If you would like training from an ace sniper like Steve Suttles call 580-585-1237.


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