259 VVN – Americans duped about Vietnam War

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Scene from the movie “Ride the Thunder”: Marines in Vietnam

This episode of Vietnam Veteran News is one of the most inspiring and important ever published. An article from wnd.com by Chelsea Schilling titled: Movie deals death blow to vicious lies about Vietnam is shared.

Schilling talks about the movie “Ride The Thunder” produced by writer and Executive Producer Richard Botkin and Producer Fred Koster who take a provocative look at the Vietnam War and the troops who fought it. The case is made in the movie that we did the right thing by going there to stem the rising tide of communism in Southeast Asia.

They also maintain the soldiers who fought in that war were as great as any generation from this country called to fight in a war. Their performance in the challenging war has been unfairly sullied by lying news media and politicians resulting in the failure of the country to show the requisite amount of appreciation for a job well done to that generation.

The movie also maintained that Americans are the good guys in the world today and truly is an exceptional country.

Also, in closing please take note that I stated the Dan Rather documentary program “The Wall Within” was aired in 1998 in the podcast rather than 1988, the correct date. And speaking of Dan Rather, he reportedly joined the National Guard to avoid military service in the Korean War. When Dan Quail was running for vice-president Rather tore him to pieces for enlisting in the National Guard to avoid going to Vietnam.


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  1. Dan Rather ENLISTED in the USMC and they found that he had Rheumatic Fever when he was a child and he was discharged. If u are a Vietnam Vet — don’t talk bullshit — no hearsy– we got enough of that from the military and the politicians that put us there. No matter what u say Dan Rather stood for Vets — u sound like the swift boaters (Cheney and rove), who turned out to be shithead chiken hawks!! If I remember right we could not vote when we were in Vietnam, so why u spouting all this political crap now. No matter who won or lost — what the hell were we doing there.

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