260VVN – Air Force Vietnam Vet Ray Sestak Shows How Its Done

Ray Sestak Leading a Parade, mack payne, vietnam veteran news, ray sestak

Ray Sestak of Glenmont, a Patriot Guards member, sits on his motorcycle during a street festival on May 31 in Albany, New York. (Michael P. Farrell / Times Union Archive)

For a long time there was a common perception that Vietnam Veterans were a bunch of pathetic losers, baby killers and thugs to spat upon. That is not true and in this episode I will share an article from the Times Union in Albany, New York by Terry Brown that will tell the real story about an Air Force Vietnam Veteran.

The veteran is Ray Sestak of Glenmont, NY who received an award for service to his community. Listen to this episode and see what Vietnam Veterans are really like.

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