261VVN – The VA is Killing Off Vietnam Veterans

Palo Alto VA Medical Center, mack payne, vietnam veteran news

Palo Alto VA Medical Center

Too often the VA declares Vietnam Veterans dead while they are still alive. In this episode the situation will be examined by looking at an article from the Fort Bragg Advocate-News by Pacifica Tribune correspondent Jean Bartlett. The article tells the story of Vietnam Vet David Hardcastle who served with the 9th Infantry Division being declared dead by the VA.

This is no laughing matter and occurs too many times. Listen to the podcast and discover how to handle the situation if it happens to you.


261VVN – The VA is Killing Off Vietnam Veterans — 1 Comment

  1. VA treats Vietnam War veteran’s like malcontents. I have been issued everything I need to help with my disabilities but VA will not help me modify my home because I am not 100% and am only 80%.Will we ever be treated right.

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