264VVN – Anthony B. Herbert was a Controversial Vietnam Vet

Anthony B. Herbert, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

Anthony B. Herbert in 1971 after he charged Army officers with ignoring war crimes in Vietnam. (AP)

In this episode the life of Anthony B. Herbert is examined. An article in the Washington Post by obituary writer Matt Schudel titled: Anthony B. Herbert, key figure in Vietnam war-crimes controversy, dies.

He was famous for his exploits in battle and the courts of law and public opinion. Schudel’s article does a good job of describing his life. Listen to the podcast to get the whole story.


264VVN – Anthony B. Herbert was a Controversial Vietnam Vet — 2 Comments

  1. I was LTC Herbert’s pilot on many occasions and can attest to the accuracy of what happened, as well as his bravery during his time with the 173 ABN BDE RVN. I also encountered the wrath of COL Franklin because I would not lie and change the contents of an after action report involving LTC Herbert. LTC Herbert was a great leader and man. RIP

  2. A few points— I am a West Point grad— and Tony Herbert asked me to be his S-3—I don’t believe most of our senior politicians (make believe soldiers) COULD FIND THEIR ASS WITH BOTH HANDS— AND INSTRUCTIONS ON THEIR PALM. HERBERT WAS A TRUE American— AND A GREAT SOLDIER–and Barnes’s deputy- can’t remember his name– did time for fraud after he retired. Article did not mention -0 Herbert commissioned AFTER Schwartzkopf– but took battalion command BEFORE S.! Herbert made it clear that no prisoner would be abused in our outfit. In a fight– he was tough— but when the enemy laid his weapon DOWN—WE TREATE THEM W the respect they deserved—soldiers. I told that ass, Lando that his integrity was lower than whale-shit— which sits on the bottom of the ocean— he thought I was nasty—- you know— if all those news media types were placed face down– from our shore to Europe— it would be a good beginning.

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