278 VVN – President Visits Problem VA Medical Center in Phoenix

VA Health System

VA Health System

In this episode an article from The Hill.com by Martin Matishak and Jordan Fabian titled: Obama heads to ‘epicenter’ of VA scandal will be featured. It tells about President Obama’s visit to the VA hospital in Phoeniz, Arizona. If you remember that is where the latest VA health system “dust up” began when it came to light that veteran’s patients there had to wait up to 115 days for service and that the hospital administrators were keeping secret patient lists to cover up the delays.

The president is going there to show his concern for improvements in the VA healthcare system. It is pointed out in the article that he drove right past the facility last year at the height of the controversy to attend an event one mile down the road past the hospital. Also some are concerned the hospital administrators will put on a “dog and pony show” that will accomplish nothing. You decide and comment below.

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