281 VVN – Interview with Tung Dinh, a Great American

Tung Dinh and Son Christian doing situps, mack payne, vietnam veteran news

Tung Dinh and Son Christian doing situps

This episode will feature an interview with Tung Dinh. He will tell about his perilous escape from South Vietnam in the last days before the North Vietnamese took over the South. He then tells about his life in America and how family first was at Fort Chafee, Arkansas and after processing moved to Murray, Kentucky where they built a life in America.

Dinh has been a lifelong resident of Murray. He attended school and college there and has built a thriving business in that town in western Kentucky.

He freely expresses his love and appreciation for his adopted country. He is demonstrating that love of country by announcing his intention to perform over 58,000 sit-ups to honor the names on the Vietnam War Memorial Wall. He is also using the event to mark the 40 years since the war ended in his native country and the 40th anniversary of his arrival in his new country of America.

For further information about Dinh’s memorial event, contact him at his business the Quest Fitness Center of Murray. His phone number is 270-753-6111.

He intends to raise money at the event for the Military Warrior Support Foundation’s program to buy homes for wounded veterans. He is asking everyone to contribute a dollar for a sit-up. Click here to contact the Foundation to make contributions.


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