284 VVN – Blue Water Navy Vietnam Vet Steve Smith Dies at 65

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Steven Smith the tea maker; an uncommon man, and a remarkable life.

Steve Smith was a veteran of the Blue Water Navy in Vietnam. He recently passed away as a result of complications of cancer. His story is shared in this episode. It comes from an article in The Columbian. It was titled: Portland tea maker Steven Smith dies at 65 and was written by David Henry of the Bloomberg News.

The story is significant in that it highlights the achievements of a Vietnam Veteran and backs up the supposition that Vietnam War veterans are as great as any war generation. Smith’s story also illustrates the terrible inheritance of Agent Orange. Here is a highly productive individual whose life was cut short and a family that included a sixteen year old son that was left fatherless.

Learn more about Steve Smith and his legacy at his website: http://www.smithtea.com/


284 VVN – Blue Water Navy Vietnam Vet Steve Smith Dies at 65 — 1 Comment

  1. To believe or think any Vietnam Veteran is less than any other Veteran of any other war is unthinkable,just because we had to stop wearing our uniforms to get a ride home, had crap thrown at us,called every name in the book,and our own people hate us for doing what our Country called us up to do, does not make us less a Great Generation of Veterans. Vietnam Veterans Rose to the Occasion during bad times and a hateful People.

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