307 VVN – The Tunnels of Vietnam

Quang Nam Province wartime tunnel, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

Residents in Quang Nam Province excavate a 6-km wartime tunnel in Thang Binh District.

Tunnels were used extensively by the opposing forces in the Vietnam War. In this episode two articles from the Thanh Nien News are shared about the tunnels of Vietnam. One article is about a 4 mile long tunnel in Cu Chi which has been designated as a national underground monument. It is currently be threatened by rising rivers and the government does not have the money to build a dike to protect the monument to war fighters.

The other article describes the tunnel that was recently discovered by bamboo gardeners in Quang Nam province decades after it was used by liberation forces during the Vietnam War. Same situation here – the government does not have the funds to complete the excavation to show off the exploits of the “freedom fighters” of the late war in the country. Hope you enjoy the podcast.

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