308 VVN – Airman grew up on combat missions in Vietnam

Richard Gonzalez, Mack Payne, Vietnam Veteran News

Richard Gonzalez – Vietnam Airman and space program engineer.

The podcast is dedicated to the proposition that the Vietnam War Generation is as great as any. In this episode a story from the Redstone Rocket by Skip Vaughn titled: Airman grew up on combat missions in Vietnam contributes to the accuracy of that proposition.

The story of Richard Gonzalez an Air Force Vietnam Veteran is shared in this episode. His is the story of a young man who chose to serve his country during the Vietnam War as a tail gunner on a B-52 flying over North Vietnam out of Thailand and then as an engineer in the US space program. Oh and by the way, it also mentioned in the article Richard was being awarded a Distinguished Flying Cross for his actions one night when his bomber was hit by a SAM missile. Hope you enjoy Richards story.

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