314 VVN – Interview With Vietnam Vet Jim Lamb


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In this episode Vietnam Vet Jim Lamb, retired journalist and now a writer tells his Vietnam service story and all about his new book about that service titled: Orange Socks and Other Colorful Tales. He has a very interesting story to tell about his time in Vietnam and how the book was written and the tremendous website he put together for the book. The website is literally a reference source of Vietnam Veterans.

It is worth the time of any Vietnam Veteran to browse through his website and discover all the things Jim has included to help veterans. It even includes popular music from the era.

There are deals for Vietnam Veterans on the website so why don’t you click on the link and go check it out for yourself and make sure to get your copy of Jim’s book Orange Socks.

CLICK HERE for the website.

Don’t forget to check out the Vietnam Tribute to Valor Pistol at vietnamguns.com

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