315 VVN – Vietnamese Refugees Show the Way

Judge Nho Trong Nhuyen and his wife, Bang Van Pham, Vietnam Veteran News, mack payne

Judge Nho Trong Nhuyen and his wife, Bang Van Pham at their home in La Habra, CA.

In this episode a story that contributes to the answer of the nagging question of why were we in Vietnam is featured. It is an AP story by Amy Taxin titled: Once Vietnamese refugees forge new lives in America. It tells about a Vietnamese family who escaped from Vietnam as it fell to the Communists after we cut off all assistance to the corrupt South Vietnamese government.

The family featured in the article overcame their difficulties and went on to success in this country as a judge and produced children who became lawyers and a doctor. In makes you wonder why all the whiners in this country do not get up off their lazy butts and make something of themselves. They need to follow the example of refugees from countries like Vietnam, Haiti, Ethiopia and many other deprived countries and become successful in this country starting off with nothing.

We went to Vietnam not for conquest but rather to defend those God given blessings of freedom and liberty of which all men are endowed.

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