321 VVN – The Men of Hotel Company

The Men of Hotel Company , mack payne, vietnam veteran news

Members of the Forgotten Warriors of 1965 met in Washington, D.C., in April of 2015. Among them is Sgt. Curt Ask of Kent, Minnesota, front right.

In this episode an article from the Daily News of Wahepton, ND and Breckenridge, MN titled: The men of Hotel Company by Eric Grover is featured. It tells the story of Curt Ask a member of Hotel Company of the 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, 3rd Marine Division, one of the first American forces to join the fight in the Vietnam War.

After many years of no contact four years ago, one veteran in Ask’s battalion began to track down other members. It evolved and grew into an organization 139 members strong, the “Forgotten Warriors of 1965.” Starting in 2012, the Warriors have organized reunions each year on April 10 to commemorate the start of their perilous, life-changing adventure.

Hope you enjoy the story in this episode that helps verify the contention that the Vietnam War Veteran Generation is among the greatest and deserve our thanks and admiration.

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