323 VVN – Secret Soldiers of Vietnam Fight Final Battle

Chue Chou Tchang, Mack Payne, vietnam veteran news

Chue Chou Tchang, who represents a national association of Hmong fighters, works full time trying to gain legitimacy for the soldiers. Jerry Holt – Star Tribune

The Hmong Tribesmen of Laos fought a secret war for the US in Laos during the Vietnam War. Many were resettled in this country after the war to protect them from serious retributions by the Communists. Now the Hmong Vietnam Veterans are seeking the right to be buried in US veteran cemeteries along side their American comrades in battle. They are encountering much difficulty in that pursuit.

An Article from the Mark Brunswick Star Tribune titled: One last fight for secret soldiers tells the story. Brunswick can be reached at 612-673-4434.

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