325 VVN – Why some in the Philippines want the U.S. Navy back

The USNS Charles Drew, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

The USNS Charles Drew, a logistics supply ship, lies alongside a pier in the former Subic Bay navy base, loading vehicles that had been used in a recent joint U.S.-Philippine exercise. (Will Englund/The Washington Post)

It is interesting to follow world events and see how they sway back and forth as time passes. In this episode the situation in The Philippines is discussed. During the Vietnam War the US Navy maintained a large presence at Subic Bay where it hired thousands of local Pilipinos to work at the naval base. When the war ended and the Soviet Union collapsed and amid long-festering feelings that Philippine sovereignty the US Navy was asked to leave.

Not long after the departure of the US, China began moving in on Philippine territory. Many in the Philippines began to miss the security blanket provided by the US Navy. Others missed the generous payrolls that came from the Subic Naval Base.

These realities have caused many in the Philippines to welcome a return of the US Navy.

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