345 VVN – Fort Hood Remembers LTC Rick Rescorla

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LTC Cyril Richard Rescorla was born in Cornwall, on the southwest tip of England, in 1939.

Rick Rescorla is a bona fide hero. He is without a doubt one of the biggest American heroes in modern time and he wasn’t born in America. In this episode his memory will be honored by sharing an article from WCEN.com that tells about his old unit, the 2/7 Cav of the 1st Cavalry Division dedicating a room to his honor. Rick Rescorla was hero of both Vietnam and 9/11.

After serving in the British Army he immigrated to America, joined the US Army and headed off to Vietnam. There he played a pivotal role as a platoon leader in B Company, 2/7 Cav at the Battle of The Ia Drang Valley. He led his company in holding off an attack by a force of 2000 NVA soldiers and prevailing.

Years later in 2001 while working as the Vice President of  Security for Morgan-Stanley/Dean-Witter, the largest tenant in the World Trade Center he died while heroically helping people escape the burning building.

If you are ever in the vicinity of Fort Hood, Texas drop by the 2/7 Cav headquarters and pay tribute to Rick Rescorla, a great American.

CLICK HERE to see the impressive Vietnam Tribute to Valor Pistol, you will glad you did.

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