352 VVN – Progress Made For Navy Veterans Of Vietnam War

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Sailors in the U.S. Navy were contaminated with Agent Orange and they receive little credit for that exposure because they didn’t have ‘boots on the ground’ in Vietnam.

This podcast is a champion for the efforts to obtain equity for the Blue Water Navy Blue Water Vietnam Veterans. In this episode a press release for the Blue Water Navy Awareness group submitted by Mike Yates is featured. This press gives an update on the situation of attempts to get help for the Blue Water Navy Veterans.

There is a little more optimism in the Blue Water Navy Veterans proponent’s camp today because of the recent ruling by the VA to grant Agent Orange benefits to the C-123 Aircrewmen. Despite this development there is still work to be done.

The most important thing a concerned citizen can do is contact their senator and representative in Congress and ask them to support HR-969 in the House and S-681 in the Senate.

Mike Yates of Blue Water Navy Awareness can be reached at thebluewaternavyawareness@gmail.com

Media Contact for the press release:
James Hartman
(504) 458-4600


352 VVN – Progress Made For Navy Veterans Of Vietnam War — 2 Comments

  1. Keep in mind that the original Agent Orange Act of 1991 did include the ships that were in the territorial waters. The VA changed the definition of “service in Vietnam” in 2002 which excluded those aboard the ships in the territorial seas and in effect created the so-called Blue Water Navy. There was no new scientific information upon which they based this, but it was merely a change in the regulations. The Institute of Medicine has said that the exclusion of the Blue Water Navy sailors is simply a policy matter of the VA and not based on science. The current bureaucracy points to the regulation as written and uses it as the basis for denying claims made by the Blue Water Navy vets, but it was the VA itself that changed the rule in the first place! So, the current legislation is in actuality seeking to RESTORE the compensation and benefits that were wrongly taken away by the VA in 2002. Thirteen long years have passed and it’s time to correct this gross injustice to the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans.

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