371 VVN – Vietnam Vet Stories Wanted in Longview, Washington

Andre Stepankowsky - The Daily News city editor, mack payne, vietnam veteran news

Andre Stepankowsky – The Daily News city editor

In this episode we are taking a look at an article from the Daily News of Longview, Washington titled: Vietnam vets: We want your stories for a special honorary series submitted by The Daily News city editor Andre Stepankowsky. The article has to do with saving the memories of Vietnam Veterans. The paper is starting a series called “They served with honor: The Vets of Vietnam” and that will start on Sunday, Aug. 30 and end on Veteran’s Day, Nov. 11. Veterans in the Longview area are being asked to come in and tell their Vietnam stories. The interviews will be videotaped for showing online at TDN.com, in the vets’ own words and distinctive style. Reporters will use the interviews to write up stories for the print edition.

Even if you are not from the area they would probably be glad to hear Vietnam Veteran stories from any location. If you would like to participate contact: Shari Phiel, at sphiel@tdn.com or 360-577-2510.

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And while you are at it:

CLICK HERE to see the beautiful Vietnam Tribute to Valor Pistol.

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