396 VVN – Something Fishy Going On With Agent Orange

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Dirty secret: Japanese workers toil without safety gear at the flooded U.S. military dioxin dump site in Okinawa City on Sunday. The land used to be part of Kadena Air Base, the Pentagon’s busiest Okinawa installation during the Vietnam War. | KEN NAKAMURA-HUBER

Something fishy is going on with the treatment of veterans with diseases caused by exposure to Agent Orange. In the episode an article from The Japan Times titled:

U.S. marine wins compensation for Okinawa toxin exposure and calls for tests on residents near Futenma by Jon Mitchell is featured. It tells the story of a US Marine officer who served in Okinawa and because he came down with heart disease and prostate cancer after supervising the removal of some strange 55 gallon drums with suspicious orange stripes. The Board of Veterans’ Appeals ruled that retired Lt. Col. Kris Roberts, chief of maintenance at the installation in the early 1980s, had developed prostate cancer due to “exposure to hazardous chemicals.” Agent Orange was not mentioned.

Also in this episode are the remarks of John Wells in reference to the results of his meeting with Sloan Gibson, the assistant director of the VA. The purpose of the meeting was to get assistance for the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans. The results were negative.

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