419 VVN – Warrior Hike Program Helping Vets

Warrior Hike

Veterans Bart Lindberg (left) and Mark Fox stop in Winona on their journey down the Mississippi with the Warrior Hike, a nonprofit organization that helps soldiers transition from the military and deal with issues like PTSD.

The Warrior Hike Program helps veterans “walk off the war.” It is primarily designed for veterans from any way suffering from PTSD. In this episode a story from the Winona Post titled: Veterans paddle the Mississippi by Laura Hayes is featured. It tells about three men in canoes paddling down the Mississippi checking out an addition to the list of available hikes available to veterans suffering from PTSD and other combat ailments.

One of the members of the four month prototype expedition is maintaining a blog that recounts the daily adventures of the three man crew. The blog allows readers to follow them as they travel down the Mississippi in canoes. It can be found at this site: http://www.abbykaeser.com.

If you would like to more about the Warrior Hike Program check out their website at: http://warriorhike.org.

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