426 VVN – Vietnam Vet Al Guyant Speaks His Mind

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THEN AND NOW: Sun Prairie resident Al Guyant, holding a photo of himself as a Marine on his way to Vietnam and now, as a Vietnam veteran who remembers the lessons of war and peace and remains involved in public service as District 4’s alderperson.

In this episode another member of the great Vietnam Veteran Generation will be featured. A story from the Star newspaper which has been serving the Sun Prairie area since 1877 titled: We Shall Not Forget: War brings truth for Vietnam vet is featured. It was submitted by Jennifer Fetterly a regional editor for the paper. The article tells the story of Al Guyant and how service with US Marines in Vietnam changed his life and instilled in him a passion for finding the truth. That passion led him on a lifetime mission of helping others. Al Guyant is another example of the greatness of the Vietnam Veteran Generation and we salute him here at the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast.

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