427 VVN – A Vietnam Icon – The M-16 Rifle

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A GI firing an M-16 in Vietnam

Next to the Huey helicopter the most remembered icon of the Vietnam War is the M-16 Rifle. In this episode an article from the American Rifleman titled: In Country – Small Arms of the Vietnam War submitted by Mark A. Keefe IV, Editor In Chief is featured. In the article the opinion of retired US Marine Dale Dye is aired. He talks about the debut of the famous (or in some cases infamous) M-16 rifle into the Vietnam Conflict. He described the special relationship between a soldier and their gun after they have be baptized in battle with the exchange of bullets with an adversary.

427cYou are encouraged to take a look at the book Dale Dye wrote along with Tom Laemlein titled, Small Arms Of The Vietnam War: A Photographic Study, which is available in both hard copy ($35) and digital editions ($15) at bookstores or from medium.com.

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