438 VVN – The Battle at Fire Base Ripcord

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Fire Base Ripcord

The Battle at Fire Base Ripcord is the feature of this episode. The story is brought to you via an article by author James R. Chiles, the author of Inviting Disaster: Lessons from the Edge of Technology (Harper Business 2001; paperback 2002) and The God Machine: From Boomerangs to Black Hawks, the Story of the Helicopter (Random House, 2007, paperback 2008).

The article titled: Tales of the Chopper: Firefight at FSB Ripcord, 1970 describes the battle that took place on a lonely mountain top near the infamous A Shau Valley. The battle was the result of an effort to cut off supplies flowing out of the Valley to hostile forces in the lowlands. Chiles lays out how the battle unfolded and ended in a concise and understandable manner. Hope you enjoy his story.

The veterans of that battle have set up an interesting Facebook page. Learn more about it from the ones who were there.


Website:  http://www.ripcordassociation.com

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