452 VVN – Vietnam Vet Gordon Peterson, USN Tells His Story

LTJG Gordon Peterson in Vietnam, mack payne, vietnam veteran news

LTJG Gordon Peterson in Vietnam

In this episode Vietnam Vet Gordon Peterson who flew helicopters with the US Navy tells his story in a article from the DC Military Magazine. The article is titled: Gordon Peterson, Vietnam and it was written by Ellen Ternes. In the article Peterson tells how he became a Navy pilot and what he did in Vietnam. Recently he was incensed by a article he read that proclaimed there were no heroes in Vietnam. He forcefully maintained that there were many heroes in Vietnam.

He continued to serve in the US Navy and retired in 1998. He remains active with the Seawolf Association (www.seawolf.org).

You are invited to go to DC Military Magazine at dcmilitary.com for more interesting news about the military.

EDITORIAL NOTE: In the podcast I stated that all the remaining US Army C-model gunships were destroyed at Khe Sanh in February of 1970. It was actually in February of 1971 when the NVA anti-aircraft gunners reduced the inventory of C-model gunships to zero.

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