502 – Agent Orange – curse of Vietnam War

Agent Orange in Vietnam

Tran Thi Le Huyen, 23, in a wheelchair at her family home in Danang, Vietnam, in 2007. Her family once lived near the highly contaminated Danang Airbase; her father was a driver for the U.S.-backed South Vietnamese government during the war. (David Guttenfelder / AP)

Agent Orange was thought to be a panacea for our military challenges in Vietnam but sadly its use turned out to be a curse on those participants of the Vietnam War. The curse was not limited to American and allied Vietnam Veterans. The people of Vietnam are left with the terrible hangover of that horrible mistake in judgment made by our leaders. The time is coming for this country to pay the piper. An article from Truth Dig titled: 40 Years On, the Vietnam War Continues for Victims of Agent Orange by Marjorie Cohn is featured and it describes the situation and what is being attempted to help ease the hurting.

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