505 – Seeking redemption in Vietnam

Seeking Redemption in Vietnam, mack payne, vietnam veteran news

Margeret von Lienen holds Margot Carlson Delogne at the site where Carlson Delogne’s father’s plane may have crashed in 1966, in the Binh Duong Province of Vietnam, Dec. 17, 2015. Carlson Delogne was part of a group of six Americans who lost their fathers in the Vietnam conflict who traveled to Ho Chi Minh City to meet with Vietnamese who also lost their parents in the fighting. Christian Berg/The New York Times

One of the many terrible things about war is that it leaves behind grieving relatives. Vietnam was no different. In this episode a story about several children of American service members killed in Vietnam returning there to seek redemption is featured. It comes from the Alaska Dispatch News titled: In search of their fathers: seeking redemption in Vietnam and submitted by Mike Ives of The New York Times

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