508 – The Vietnam War – Operation Linebacker I

Operation Linebacker I, mack payne, vietnam veteran news

A U.S. Air Force SAM Hunter killer group of the 388th Tactical Fighter Wing takes fuel on the way to North Vietnam for a strike during “Operation Linebacker” in October 1972. Visible are the Boeing KC-135A Stratotanker, two McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom II fighters from the 34th Tactical Fighter Squadron (tail code “JV”); a Republic F-105G Thunderchief “Wild Weasel” aircraft from the 17th TFS (“JB”); and two F-105Gs from the 561st TFS (“WW”).

Back in episode 504 we took a look a Operation Linebacker II of the Vietnam War and it’s effect on the Paris peace talks. It was preceded by Operation Linebacker I and since the interest in Linebacker II was so high it was decided to check out Linebacker I. It was during those tense times when we were in delicate negotiations with North Vietnam about a peace agreement that President Nixon uttered this famous statement: “the bastards have never been bombed like they’re going to be bombed this time.” He followed up those strong words with action and it paid off. Your comments are encouraged.

B-52 refuels, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

B-52 refuels en route to target. (U.S. Air Force photo)


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  1. As an Intelligence Officer in the Vietnam War I flew missions for Bomb Damage Assessments on the B-52, also missions on refueling on KC 135 known as “Orange Anchor Extension”! I flew missions, “Market Time” with the Navy on the EC130’s

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