522 – More Stolen Valor – man charged with lying about military service

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Robert J. Guidi from Mine Hill, left, with Freeholder John Krickus at the Memorial Day ceremony on the front lawn of the Morris County courthouse last year. Guidi is accused of misrepresenting his military service including saying that he held a higher rank than he did. He was discharged as a private first class.(Photo: Daily Record file photo)

In this episode another case of “stolen valor” is highlighted. It happened in New Jersey this time and the circumstances are straight out of the book by B.G. Burkett and Glenna Whitley titled: Stolen Valor. An article from The Daily Record of Morristown, NJ titled: Mine Hill man charged with lying about military service. It is a pathetic story that must be told so Vietnam Vets will be aware of the situation and be willing to take action to correct these dishonorable acts.

It is recommended that Vietnam Veterans read Stolen Valor. It will be an eye opening experience.


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