532 – Had we decided to win in Vietnam

Prosperous and Free Seoul, South Korea, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

Prosperous and Free Seoul, South Korea

Ronald Reagan once said “They came home without a victory, not because they had been defeated, but because they had been denied permission to win.” That statement is the theme of this podcast episode. Vietnam Veterans have nothing to be ashamed of from their service in that War because victory was given away by the politicians.

Silvio Canto Jr., vietnam veteran news, mack payne

Silvio Canto Jr.

In a story from The American Thinker Blog titled: It could have turned out different in Vietnam by Silvio Canto, Jr a realistic estimate of the Vietnam situation is laid out. In 1972 there was intense pressure for the US to get out of the war by peace advocates. The North Vietnamese were contumacious in their negotiations with Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. Becoming impatient President Nixon unleashed the B-52s on the recalcitrant Northerners with Operation Linebacker II.

It did not take long for the North Vietnamese negotiators to cry “Uncle.” They signed the cease fire agreement, we came home along with the POWs in the Hanoi Hilton and things settled down for a while. Twenty seven months later the Northerners trashed the cease fire agreement and charged down Highway 1 to Saigon, walked in and took over South Vietnam. The US lifted not a finger as our former ally was raped and pillaged as it was consigned to a future of death and oppression by their communist masters.

Silvio Canto, Jr gives an excellent description of how it could have been a lot different for the poor people of South Vietnam. He maintains had we taken just a few steps to help the South which did not include the sending of one soldier back into the fray the story could have had a much different ending.

For more from Silvio Canto, Jr at the American Thinker Blog, CLICK HERE.


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