533 – Vietnam Vet Blaine Murphy had a “bad feeling”

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Caption: Vietnam Vet Blaine Murphy of Sheridan, Wyoming


One of the primary purposes of this podcast is to extol the virtues and contributions of the Vietnam Veteran Generation. In this podcast the story of another Vietnam Veteran, Blaine Murphy, of Sheridan, Wyoming is featured. The story comes from The Casper Star Tribune and it is titled: Specialist Four Blaine Murphy, Sheridan    and was submitted by Christina Schmidt.

His experience was especially interesting to me because he and I shared several elements of the story. First, it sounds like he served in the 4th Infantry Division around Pleiku. I too was also assigned to the 4th Division on my first tour in country and probably trod through some of the same woods he patrolled looking for an elusive enemy who only shows up when they have the advantage. I left Vietnam in 1968 and he arrived in 1969.

Our two experience lines dramatically split when he was seriously wounded in a firefight and was mistaken for dead at the aid station. He survived his injuries and after his recovery finished up his service to Uncle Sam at Fort Hood, Texas which just happens to be my last duty station while on active duty with the US Army.

One of the salient points of Blaine Murphy’s story is what he did with his life after Vietnam. He did not drop out of society and live under a bridge somewhere in western Oregon (no offense to the people of western Oregon). After a short period of unwinding he finished his education at the University of Wyoming and became a reporter including a stint with the Associated Press based out of Pinedale, Wyoming. His newspaper profession ended in 1982 when he decided to go to work for the U.S. Postal Service and remained there until his retirement in 2007.

He is another excellent representative of the great Vietnam Veteran Generation who not only served his country in Vietnam but also after he came home. The Vietnam Veteran News Podcast wishes him the best.

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