535 – Vietnam Veteran’s Stolen Valor

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Stealing Vietnam Veterans Valor

Serving in Vietnam during that war was a challenging experience. Millions of Americans answered the call of their country and went forward to serve their country in Vietnam. Over 58,000 of those Americans lost their lives there. The lives of everyone who went to Vietnam was changed forever in some way or fashion. Immediately after the war the veterans did not receive the recognition and gratitude they deserved for what they did for their country in very difficult circumstances.

Over the years the attitude of the country began to change. The dawn finally broke on a new appreciation of the Vietnam Veteran generation and the country finally began to see that generation as the heroes they actually are. Unfortunately there are individuals out there who want to steal the valor, recognition and gratitude that belongs only with the brave Americans who ventured forth into that most difficult war in Vietnam.

In this podcast episode an article from The Telegram of Macon, Georgia titled: Two Middle Georgia men accused of lying about their military service by Wayne Crenshaw is featured. It tells about two shameless individuals who allegedly claimed to be Vietnam veterans. One only one claimed only to be a veteran while the other embellished his assertion by adding he was a Green Beret and that he had been a POW who was rescued by the Delta Force.

As stated in the story “If anyone can claim the honor of military service, then there is no honor in military service.” It is a sad situation where the false claims of service in Vietnam happens and is tolerated. All are encouraged to report any suspected false claims of Vietnam service. One indication of an ersatz veteran is if an individual talks a lot about their heroic achievements.

CLICK HERE to report a suspected faux Vietnam Veteran.

Contact Wayne Crenshaw 478- 256-9725 or email: wcrenshaw@macon.com

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